Happy New Year from Wally

I am really sorry it has taken me so long to update my blog… I was a bit ill before Christmas, turns out drinking dirty water from puddles is not such a great idea. I got a

stomach infection which made me feel pretty rubbish for about two weeks – hence IMG_0199why some of you may not have seen me around that much! The good news is that I am now much better and back to my usual self.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas break? I really did! I went on lots of long walks, got ridiculously spoilt with presents (and isn’t opening them and playing with all that wrapping paper such fun?) and even got to go and play on a beach. Check out my holiday photo on the beach on New Year’s Day!

IMG_0504Anyway, I have so much to tell you…

I had so much fun around school last term and met so many new people. I am really starting to feel at home with school life at BSCS. I have started to spend time in some lessons (very briefly) and the LRC where I am getting used to settling while students are hard at work. I am a bit of a regular over in the Primary Phase and I love hanging out over there!

I love being outside in the fresh air and it was commented that I am showing early promise as a talented sportsperson! I have been hanging out in the sportshall, trying my hand at football on the astro and even playing rugby with Mr Randall and Mr Burnell on the field!


That’s enough from me – I am being called to go on a walk! I am so excited for all the adventures that 2018 is going to bring me and I look forward to sharing them with you soon!




Getting ready for a new term…

I have had an amazing half term, I went on holiday and got to hang out with the Warren family and their dogs – it was so much fun! My owner, Mr Hill, went to Kenya to give our link school Sawa Sawa all of the clothes and other presents that were so kindly donated by the school community. His photos look fab! I hope I can visit the school one day, hmmmm I wonder if they have a school dog out there who I could play with.

This is the week of my big introduction… I am officially doing my first assembly. It is Year 11 on Monday and I am a bit nervous, I hope they realise I am new to all of this. My assembly is all about me (obviously) and the school has talked to a professional dog behaviourist about some rules they should put in place to make sure I am safe and to ensure I can keep coming back to school. These are the rules, I hope everyone understands why I need them and follows them:

  1. Don’t crowd around Wally – he will feel overwhelmed.
  2. Be calm around him – no sudden movements or loud noises
  3. Don’t put your face right up to his – this is scary for dogs
  4. Please do not feed him – he has a strict diet and some foods can be dangerous for dogs
  5. Always wash your hands after stroking him
  6. Follow any instructions given by the adult with him – he will always be supervised
  7. If he jumps up – stand up and ignore him. Some people are scared of dogs so we don’t want him jumping up at people – it can also give you muddy trousers!
  8. Only one student/member of staff to interact with him at a time
  9. If you want to stroke him, you must ask his handler first. It may not be possible to stroke him every time you see him. Please always crouch down to stroke him.
  10. Consent test – three second rule – stroke for three seconds – then what does he do? If he moves towards you then – more strokes, if he move away – stop stroking.

The other thing that has proven to be a bit of a problem so far is the amount of rubbish around school. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! There are so many smells, some tasty treats and all sorts lying around the floor for me to eat – what’s not to love? But, I do know that really it’s not good because there are lots of things I shouldn’t eat and will make me ill and often that’s the stuff on the floor. Worst of all (and even I don’t like this one) is chewing gum, you think it smells great, you find it hidden stuck under desks or chairs, you go to eat it and it just sticks onto your teeth. It can be so hard for me to swallow it and if I do I am normally ill. Please, please, please can people not bring chewing gum to school! Do it for me!!

OK, I think that’s long enough for now… I can’t wait to see everyone after their holidays and it’s going to be a busy week so I better go back to sleep… Wish me luck with my assemblies!

P.S. Isn’t autumn the best, so many leaves on the floor to play with!

Introducing Wally

wallyI’d like to start by introducing myself my name is Wally I’m a 17 week old black cocker spaniel (you have probably seen my photo – I quite enjoy posing for a camera!). Some of you will have met me around GCSE results day and I even made it into the Bristol Evening Post.

This week however, is when it all started…Wow what a crazy week it’s been. Whoever thought I could cause such stir? A couple of weeks ago I was asked to attend a Governors’ meeting where it was proposed that I would be a beneficial addition to the school staff. It didn’t take long before I won them over (I think my puppy eyes helped) and the decision was made.

This week the school sent a letter to all the parents and carers at school to let them know the decision and I have to say thank you very much to all the parents and students for all the supportive emails I’ve had. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with everyone soon.

I know some of you are really keen to meet me and play with me but at the moment I am still getting used to school. School is quite different to what I am used to and although there are lots of great new smells I can be quite easily overwhelmed by large groups of people – so please bear with me as I get acclimatised! There is a detailed plan for me meeting everyone and we are going to share that with people soon. I think I might have even been roped into doing an Assembly next term – let’s hope I don’t fluff my lines!

I’ve got a busy week coming up… I’ve got my behaviourist coming in on Monday to help me settle in and get used to school. On Tuesday I’m going to my first Business Breakfast to introduce myself to some local employers and I hope that maybe someone might sponsor me with the cost of my behaviourist sessions as I train to become a therapy dog. After that I think I deserve a good rest and so I’ll be staying home for the rest of the week, playing with my toys and, hopefully, being spoilt rotten…

I’ll be in touch soon with an update on my latest adventures… Until then, play time!